All Lives Matter – Human, Animals, Plants everything!!

This article is written to just give another perspective to all the things happening around us. Not meant to disrespect anyone or anything.

For the past few months since the end of 2019 we have witnessed a lot around us. Bush fires, cyclones, change of democratic rules and protests that followed(in india), Covid and now the current Black Live matters Protest.

If we look at all these things closely we find one thing in common – Discrimination.

Discrimination of Humans from animals, discrimination of people of various age groups, religion, gender, sexual orientation, discrimination based on economic status and now colour.

The minute one category gets oppressed the others come in support and protests and this has been going on for decades. But discrimination continues.

The question one must ask is why does one feel oppressed? Why should one be better than the other. Will we ever win the fight to make the one dominating understand that he/she needs to change?

What if the one feeling oppressed stops feeling that way? What if each individual develops the habit of feeling empowered from within instead, irrespective of your colour, financial status, religious status etc and improve your energy from within. Not let external factors make you weak. What if every individual learns to think and act based in his/her confidence level and not based on the label given by society?

What if we educate the children today to not feel vulnerable. Will we see more equality in the coming decades?

Why do people feel empowered only when there are hundreds supporting your view? Why don’t you live life  knowing you are right.

I am not talking about situations where there are ammunitions which make a certain person feel powerful. Even in that situation, I am sure if we learn to grow our inner energy, humans won’t feel the need to use these guns and ammunitions, but that will take immense practice and discipline which humans had but have forgotten.

We don’t need an incidence of this level to know that racism or discrimination based on colour or capabilities exists in every family. Kids are compared with their cousins and made to feel inferior or superior based on various factors.

People discriminate based on age groups and hence as we grow older some people start loosing their self-worth. Why? Younger is better or older is wiser? Now I have crossed 40/50 so I am not capable of learning? I cannot find a companion now that I have lost my spouse or I am seperated or am a single parent. I am now a parent to three kids so I am bound to be weak? We label ourselves, we discriminate ourselves first before the society starts labelling.

Somewhere the previous generation is to be blamed. Only a few parents either don’t compare or teach their child that it’s ok to be seen different externally, but we all are the same based on our needs of food, shelter, clothing, love and respect.

Such individuals grow up to be confident souls and treat every living being on this planet with same love and respect be it animals, plants or fellow human beings.

Even now as adults, if you don’t let the belief of discrimination seep inside, you will be on the path of empowerment. Do not discriminate even yourself based on how you look, your age, your family status, your religion, your likes and dislikes.

Learn to first value yourself for who you are! Not who you are as ‘labels’ but who you truly are!

Learn to not let any kind of discrimination make you still continue to discriminate yourself in your own eyes. Only you can be your own support first as an individual.

Any kind of self-sympathy weakens you. Rise above the feeling of inferiority. Only you can be your own protector.

Empowerment is the key.

Increase your aura by doing what love. Nurture your talents. Feel good about yourself. We all are gifted with some or the other talent, just recognise it.

Learn to give back to the society in your own way. Adopt animals, take care of plants, volunteer in cleaning / betterment of your community, work at an orphanage, support each other, teach your talents, spend time with kids at a park or an animal shelter or a cleanliness drive. All of this does help in boosting your self confidence and in turn improves your aura.

Your existence is in your own hands first…learn to feel that. 🙂


Bhakti Deepak

Status about everything, everyday

Recently I can see a sudden increase in the number of whatsapp status from people sitting at home in lockdown.

It could be the need to overcome the social distancing or everybody wants to show how they are managing it really well.

One such status which grabbed my attention was about a regular meal time at someone’s house and they had posted a picture of their dinning table. Well, nothing fancy but just a table with food items cooked and how it was made special by the younger members of their family.

Nothing wrong with the picture, but it got me thinking how we are now able to peek into everyone’s life through the window of our smartphones..or rather, how everybody is keeping their house open for us to peek in.

Although we are all doing somewhat similar things, basically waking up, eating, sleeping, doing regular chores, but suddenly the need to show what exactly one has cooked, how one has celebrated a birthday, how one is having a gala time with their regular friends has increased. We all cook, celebrate birthdays and have a good time with friends.. but then which emotion gets satisfied when we just ‘post’ a snapshot of that event to a bunch of complete strangers?

We don’t necessarily strike a conversation, just probably come to know who ‘saw’ the status, but which inner feeling does seeing that report fulfil? Or do we feel that if I show what I am doing day in day out, I will stay in people’s minds? Or that people will think how great I am?

If smart phones existed when our parents were growing up, would they also want to show what they are doing to their friends? My dad used to tell me how there was no escape for he and his siblings form filling water daily from a nearby well and once he couldn’t study for his final exam as his mother sent him to fill the water inspite of his constant begging that he needs one hour to complete revising some questions.

What if he had a smart phone then.. will the scene look somewhat like this?

Well, on seeing this selfie would his friends laugh, feel sad, strike a conversation or just swipe to the next status message?

Would there be an intersting story left for him to share with his children today or he would have exhausted the entire quota back then?

A Miniscule Virus brought the whole world down!

A New Beginning. Respect Nature and it will protect you!

Diaries of 2020!

What should have happened day before yesterday is finally being forced by a miniscule Virus! 🙂

*Work from home was possible but every morning there was a battle zone on the roads with people fighting traffic everyday!

*Work over Skype calls was possible but still employees were making umpteen trips ABROAD in a year.

*Spending summer vacations at home playing cards was possible, but going on international vacations every year felt necessary!

*Spending time on different activities at home was possible, but Friday night parties felt necessary!

*Reusing clothes at home by cleaning them well and ironing them is possible, but buying a new set for every birthday and kitty party felt necessary!

*Just watching one episode per week was possible, but binge watching seasons after seasons on Netflix felt necessary!

*Just simple weddings in a small venue (or even at home!) was possible but big fat weddings felt necessary!

*Buying from local stores was possible but buying every little thing online felt necessary!

We will do all this as everybody else is doing the same, because doing something else feels so criminal!
So, let’s all run all the time.

Anxiety among people today is a result of this race, because we never learnt to just be. Just feel comfortable with ourselves.:)

We are being judged for not earning enough, not travelling enough, not reading enough, not working out enough, not trying restaurants enough, not knowing about the world enough, not wearing new clothes and accessories enough, not possessing the best car as per status, not living in the best house as per status.

Do any of these matter today?

Why has mankind reached a stage when needs are being created every moment while the excess of everything is just drowning us?

I will fill up my car fuel tank to full, now that there is a curfew and hoard. Well, what if your car came with 100 litres capacity?
I will hoard toilet paper!
I will hoard snacks and groceries!
I will hoard sanitizers!

So much fear, so much anxiety and so much greed!

What if we all thought about everyone else and relaxed a bit?

What if we all believe that when I need it, there will be someone to help?

Your stomach is just as big as the size of your fist. 🙂 Nature has taken precautions to help you sustain. 🙂

Ask yourselves what is Just Enough! We don’t actually need any more in our present day and even in our present situation. 🙂

– Bhakti Deepak

The author is an Artist, animator and specialises in children’s education related art. Painting being her first passion she has had 2 solo exhibitions of her paintings in Pune. She enjoys dabbling in watercolour and acrylic and makes realistic as well as abstract paintings. Writing is another medium of expression she uses as a complementary outlet along with art.
You may contact her on or drop a message on her Facebook/Instagram page BhaktiDee_Art.

Daily lives – who decides?

Suddenly witnessing a time when stepping out of the house feels claustrophobic and staying at home gives you more space around. It’s quite amusing, that if you imagine yourself alone in a desert your power of thinking sane, can get a hit but at the same time, if you are constantly surrounded by people, the exact same insanity can be experienced and you will yearn for some space.

Excess of everything has lead to this situation. People, their greeds more needs, buildings, automobiles, shops, materials and list goes on.

Balance is the key.

There are so many questions which come to surface when one thinks about daily practical life we are dealing with.

It’s not uncommon to see sub groups being formed in a place where a bunch of people come together, be it office, gym, kitty parties, family gatherings, society groups etc. There are undercurrents of judgement, analysis, opinions and a huge portion of diplomacy and hypocrisy can also be added into the mix.

Now, flash back and think of a moment where say all these people who gather together were babies and their parents are collectively enjoying a get together with all of them. No judgement, no analysis, no opinions, just pure love. They all have smiles looking at all these babies together. They are enjoying the baby talks. Enjoying their innocent features. The babies are giggling and the whole atmosphere is happy and content and blissful!

Woosh!!! As adults it all vanishes…

Something which was effortless years back, now has to be practiced and applied in day to day life. Being chill! 😉

We the People, are such an incredible thing. Full of mysteries.

So where is the turning point where a child starts loosing the chillness and starts worrying?

There can be many turning points viz milestones of educational timeline. Say grade 10th exams. Grade 12th. A child is subjected to competetion, comparisons and lots of pressure to perform well so that he can make a good living. Parents who are already struggling with their own lives, can’t see much.. and feel their child must prepare better than them, so that his life is better.

Second turning point is definitely when you are stepping into a new phase, making new connections, yes Marriage. This is a major turning point for almost everyone.

Till 25 years (average) you have been used to living in a particular environment, with certain people, with certain routine and within a day it just changes completely.

Each one of us have stories of how we felt as a Husband and Wife the very next day of the D-Day. Whether you know each other for long or have been married via arranged marriage, you do get anxiety due to the new Labels.

We get such a drastic label once earlier in life as well, when we get Siblings. Suddenly the life changes for the elder one, as everyone who has been pampering the child, now tells him/her to be responsible.

Every machine gets a manual on how to operate it but this machine called Man/Woman functions on trial and error.

The systems are in place, but the experienced one will never help the one who would be going through a transition understand what’s in store.

There is a no course in school or university which one can take to understand what a daily life is. What are things one must do after you wake up to when you sleep.

Each family have their own routine, yet we celebrate that one day of transition like a scene from Bollywood and Hollywood who have created a rosy picture and young minds are fed those visuals when actually the illusion breaks as you step into the new life slowly.

There are hardly any common things between the two families’ daily living pattern and that does take a while for our brains to adjust to. The reason being, no prior guidance. It’s like swimming in an unknown lake that too in dark.

Is ‘Sansar’ just this? Each decade is going thought the same cycle. Government run systems, struggle between dreams and running a family, fulfilling expectations of labels and trying to catch up some sleep, some entertainment, some laughter and some peace?

I think each house must be a school. Each family member must come and teach the bunch of kids as teachers once a week in each other’s house. Let them learn what eat, how they live. It will smoothen out many things for future. Let them see how each family is unique. Let different age groups learn together. Let there be love which becomes a habit. Let there be sharing and caring. Dynamics of a society needs some serious change. There is way too much stress, health issues, hatred among those innocent babies who are now grown up.Mentors are important. Be a mentor for the clean slates. Be the torch for them while they tread the dark tunnel.

As adults, people start getting stressed these days. But that’s not the natural way of living. Then we are asked to seek within us, unleash the powers. But we’re we thought to do that as kids? Well, can we not let the baby learn to be alone, be instrospective and listen to his inner powers. Can we not provide him/her an environment where they learn to be intuitive, aware of their inner powers? Imagine how the world would have been had we let that child listen to his inner guide, the mentor which is within him/her, let that child choose their paths without any fear, judgement or comparisons.

Life would have been much easier, much smoother.

What is Success?

Last few weeks have been quite introspective for me as I was down with Dengue and had to take complete bed rest. Guess life gives you these diseases so that you slow down and take time out to go inwards.

The major topics I came across either via books, tv shows, general videos, whatsapp articles was What is Success, what is your purpose in life, what is Life and what are we trying to do in timeline of life we have received? What is Life when it suddenly goes away from your hand? Did you live it well till that moment? Did you complete the tasks you were meant to? Were you meant to complete anything? Did you get a chance to say Bye to your loved ones? Was it important to say bye, since you ain’t alive any more. So what did u leave those who are left behind with?

I think there is no one answer to all. To each his own. As each one of us is going through so many experiences of our own. There is no right or wrong. Who decides it anyway? Aren’t we a bundle of our own emotions? We live through a pattern of happiness, sadness, anger, feeling joyful, feeling extremely sad and these are like white clouds on a clear blue sky. These emotions will come and go.

Then what exactly is life? The timeline from when u wake up at sunrise to when u sleep… How do u live that period? Daily chores, some activities to earn a living, meeting people, staying in touch, with nature, news, people around.. your own health, hunger.. watching reading for entertainment. Making a difference in others life? Do we do it everyday? May be may be not.

Don’t we feel lazy at times of doing everything.. like a routine..? Is it not ok to just not do those things..not update emails, Instagram..not eat food at 1 but 3 pm. Sleep at 11 am…sleep again at 4pm. Yes, body speaks.. we must listen.. her voice is very very low.. but when we listen, she tells the truth. That child inside needs pampering and care. It needs intense care.. peaceful music..nature time.. just lazing around.. just seeing the world go by.. just watching the blue skies.. just listening the birds chirp.. just watching the softness of the feather….. Just murmuring an old song… Just closing eyes and falling asleep while singing ur favourite tune..just surrendering..

Surrender : are we afraid to surrender ourselves to the flow of life?

Each being needs time off….
We work to create a good film, good music, good piece of art, a good dish, a good piece of technology, a good book for others to enjoy ‘when they need time off..’
We also work to make others feel good when they are down.. (thankful to all the doctors, family and the timely help!)

So well,

If you have created something (yes, even good memories) when you felt energetic for someone to ‘use’ when they feel down.. I think, you have lived your life successfully 🙂

Why Waste Your Walk #wwyw

Today during my walk back from art exhibition I participated in, I was appreciating the scenic beauty around when I found some small plastic pieces at the side of the footpath. Immediately, train of thoughts went through my mind. That one piece is spoiling the look of the sidewalk, why do people throw it, now who will come and clean it at this hour etc,etc.. I kept walking ahead thinking about all this and then felt that my thoughts about appreciating the beauty got replaced by complaining thoughts! I didn’t want to spoil my walk by thinking this way, but at the same time the visual of that plastic piece wasn’t going away from my mind. I went back and lifted it thinking I will throw it in next trash-can I see as I don’t wish to see this pretty place turning into a sad looking place as slowly this garbage will increase and this plastic will stay in the earth for eternity.

Immediately I spotted an empty bottle after few mins, another plastic wrapper, straw and so on. I lifted them all and eventually threw them in the bin I found on the route.

This gave rise to a thought ‘Why Waste your Walk’. As you start seeing cleaner walkways, it will become a habit and all those who take this planet for granted will start keeping it clean for themselves and everyone else.:)

Yes, there is no guarantee that those who litter will stop doing it because you are cleaning it. Well, but you might just clean it for the next person walking that path and help him/her appreciate the beauty around as they do say that there is more joy in giving!!

Give clean and beautiful paths to everyone 🙂 Make your casual everyday walk purposeful.



a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

We have all heard this term as kids. Yes, during our science studies. Isn’t it?

How many of us have forgotten this term?

Well, many of us.

Recently I encountered an episode and a thorough introspection finally brought this word to me, this morning.

Equilibrium : A state of balance.

A state of balance when you get entangled in who is right, who is wrong. A state of balance when you get entangled in who said this, who said that. A state of balance when you realise there are no answers but only depths of unending questions. A state of balance, when you seek peace.

The episode also brought forth importance of many things like, the need to communicate, the need to wait till you know what you wish to communicate, the need to know if the person opposite to you is ready or not, for what you express, will not let your intentions reach that person if, they aren’t ready. They aren’t awakened.

How does awakening happen?

I would say, ultimate pain brings Awakening.

Pain results in restlessness. Restlessness results in Courage. But if let loose without direction can go do irreversible damage like an unaimed arrow. Only control and belief in doing the right thing opens doors to right way of communication, right way of expression, right openness to listen, understand, fathom and eventually accept.

Acceptance of what?

Acceptance that, two opposite forces are at play. Each right in their own way. But our clouded mind, doesn’t let us see it clearly. Our way of perceiving things clash. Our ways of thinking clash. Our ways of doing things clash. Our ways of wants and needs clash. And we get entangled in the mad rush of proving who is right, who is wrong.

Why do they clash ? They clash as we have our own journey, own history, own circumstances, upbringing, cultural and moral knowledge, habits and principles.

Step back, breathe, let time pass, time helps you to introspect. Go inwards. Silence the world. Breathe, sleep over the tensions, analyse, jot down, get fresh air..

Let Time help you. Surrender.

Learn to believe that We are complicated species who think, act, behave, feel, express, communicate differently. And still we are living on this one planet – Glued by Gravity.

Answers you seek will come to you!

And.. That… is Equilibrium – A State of Acceptance that two opposing forces can be right and wrong, black and white, yin and yang, positive and negative, but still be in a state of Balance.

Seek Equilibrium.

Moving places..Understanding Spaces

Well, this could be an extension of my post on minimalism.

Shifting houses is no easy task. But ever wondered why?

I cleared the crockery unit and realized that there are only a few items I use on a day to day basis and there is a whole family sitting behind these pieces and me totally unaware of their existence!

When I finally displayed everything on a table, I looked at each set and actually observed and asked myself, is the task to pack them quickly so that they eventually become non existent again or is it to take only what is needed now that there is an opportunity an option to just give them away NOW atleast? How many times am I going to carry them like silent folks..ready to be lifted and put somewhere without their consent or complain!

Try to visualise cupboards transparent for a second and see the stuff kept inside hanging in air and occupying space. Wires, boxes, books, pen stands, some random gift wrapper, pins, some broken magnet just stuffed inside someday thinking of I have to fix this.. another level has albums, old filesp, paintboxes, some craft stuff, medicines, crockery… List doesn’t end! Where did all this come from.. why is it here? WHEN will I use it??

Outside our house, each of these items belong to a different shop whereas as and when we bring them in, these storage boxes become random shops and eventually, our house –  nothing but a ‘Party Place’ for all these characters (read things)!

Well, the Party has to end.. else the Hangover will be permanent.;)



The other day I was talking to a friend. He said I recently discovered that I am enjoying photography and also tried my hand shooting things around me and editing it to make a small video. So now I need a tripod to take stable shots.

After the conversation ended, two words, ‘I need’ kept juggling in my mind and I started looking at things around me. How many of these are in this house because of ‘I need’ and how many are there ‘because they look so cute’, she/he has it and I also wanted it, I may not get this again and let me keep it as ‘kuch kaam aayega’ (it might come to some use) and as I started this exercise, I came to a worrying realization that how we end up hoarding things without even realizing. Be it gadgets, clothes, bags, shoes, books, crockery, pens, notepads and the list goes on.

There was a time when I had one eraser and if I come across a ‘cute’ looking eraser my dad would ask me, is the one u have over, then why do you need another one? And now I can’t control myself in a stationary shop and instead of ‘I need it’ I end up buying due to ‘I want it’.

But now it’s high time this habit/disease changes. It’s high time, we stop and truly ask ourselves ‘Do I need it..Now?’ It’s high time we don’t get lost in the glamorous world of ‘things’ around us who scream ‘Buy me’ by trying stunts like I am in your favourite colour to I will look so good in that corner of the house to you don’t have me in this pattern to what if I am not available after few days…And so on and so forth. Every thing which is available in the market, needn’t be in your house. Start looking at things as ‘they occupy space’ not just in your house but in this 3 dimensional world and in your mind too. Keep them out of sight to make them out of mind and utilise the mind doing purposeful things instead. Give away stuff, recycle and eventually stop buying if you don’t really need it. It’s ok if that thing stays in the market!

Today we are being bombarded not just by advertisements and actual things in the outside world, but also by instructions in virtual world by like me, subscribe me, press the bell icon.. why? Because every week we want to come to you and tell u, u need to watch us!! Hey, but what about our memories? Won’t we try searching for entertainment when we really ‘need it’ when our mind and body will tell us that take a break and relax urself? We will come looking for u, don’t worry. After a nice 10 mins of making us relaxed and entertained, you do not have to come up with creative ideas of bombarding us and instructing us. You are making us Numb. Please stop it.

Well, these things may or may not it’s business. And looks like everything is fair in Love, war and Business. But hey aren’t we the consumers? We need to hold on to our awareness, keep practicing ‘looking within self’ exercise, questioning ourself and finding answers first rather than be the mice walking behind the Pied Piper. Wake Up!

My Teacher My Lesson

It needn’t be teacher’s day to celebrate him/her. Shared by a friend doing this noble job.
A teacher will
lift your child up when they are lying broken on the floor
Believe in your child when they don’t believe in themselves
Will pay for their excursion/incursion when you can’t afford it
Go the extra mile to teach your child because teachers believe in your child
Empathise with your child when they are feeling down.
Lift them up when it’s hard for your child.
Provide lunch when you forgot or couldn’t afford lunch.
Make them smile and laugh because that’s what your child needs.
Go home and worry about other people’s children
Thrive on that child reaching a goal (even if it is washing their hands after the loo)
Spend their own money buying stationary that you can’t afford/buy
Give their heart and soul for someone else’s kid so that they can thrive.
Program a different learning journey based on your child’s need.
Provide emotional support for your child (and their parent)
Think about what more they can do to lift your child even further up….
work 5hrs for free every day.
Give up lunchtimes to do yard duty so your child is safe
Run classes at lunch/before/after school for free for your child’s interest to grow and blossom
Cheer your child on when he/she every step of the way
Take those agonise last steps of the race with your child

Don’t expect anything.
Don’t take “toile/smoko/coffee” breaks
Hold their pee/poop in till someone can look after your child (or the 5 minutes they at free at “lunch”)
Are judged by society 24/7
Don’t get coffee or milk supplied in staffrooms (yep we’ve got to pay for it ourselves)
Don’t get a “Christmas do” unless we organise and pay for it ourselves
Don’t get air con/heating so we boil/freeze yet empathise with our kids and brave their nose bleeds, vomits, fevers, coughs and colds daily
Can’t comment on radio/television – so they are an open target for everyone to demean
Can get sued for a child hugging you even if you put your hands up above their own heads
Can get sued for hi-five-ing a child
Can get sued if your child does something stupid
And hurts themselves (even if their teacher told them not to do it)

Do you do that for someone else’s kid? Do you do that for anyone you work with?

If you don’t then may be spread the word that the world needs teachers and that they are worth more than you imagined.
-Denny Dyne
Clearly society needs to change their perspective towards teacher.. shocked that it’s a universal problem. Till a child clears his boards he doesn’t realize what a teacher means in his/her life. The perspective towards a teacher changes somewhat after that as you then need to pass to get a job.
Please share wonderful memories, teachings knowledge imparted by your teachers which is helping you even today.
I am sharing one of mine : My english teacher once told the class that utilise things around you to solve any problems you are facing be it technical or otherwise and it will help you be more creative.. I use it every single day and will always remember this advice.. 🙂 Don’t have a knife to cut lemon, look around you, what can u use to get the job done..? And u did be surprised with the ideas which float in your mind then. This is just one simple example.. but this attitude helps me in places I can’t imagine. Mrs Fernandez ma’am, my english teacher in school, you taught me a wonderful lesson. #MyTeacherMyLesson